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Deli Shop

Delicacies unlimited – that’s the guarantee at the Toscano Deli in UB City and Forum Mall, Whitefield! Walk right in and bite into everything that’s up for grabs: Smoked salmon, prosciutto di parma, imported cheese, Freshly baked breads, marinated olives, pesto, fresh pasta, pastries, canapés and a whole lot more you’ll have to see to believe!

Basil Pesto Rs. 90/100gms
Pesto Butter Rs. 115/100gms
Sun Dried tomato pesto Rs. 90/100gms
Olive Tapenade Rs. 90/100gms
Marinated Sundried tomatoes Rs.140/100gms
Marinated Artichokes Rs. 100/100gms
Freshly rolled Bocconcinni cheese Rs. 140/100gms
Marinated Black olives Rs. 90/100gms
Spiced Green olives Rs. 90/100gms
Fresh Linguine or Tagliatelle (Raw) Rs. 120/300gms
Fresh Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (Raw) Rs. 225/dozen
Fresh Chicken Ravioli (raw) Rs. 300/dozen
Vegetable Lasagna Rs. 185/300g
Chicken Lasagna Rs. 285/300gms
Freshly baked Tea time cakes Rs. 170/350gms
Toscano baker`s special of the day Rs. 75/Loaf
Toscano Signature Bread or Muffin Mix Rs. 200/500gms
Pizza Bases (Classic or Whole Wheat) Rs. 150/set of three
Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded) Rs. 130/100gms
Pizza Sauce Rs. 100/100gms
Pepperoni Rs. 300/100gms
Homemade Cookies Rs. 25/piece
Homemade Muffins or Biscotti Rs. 30/piece
Smoked Salmon Rs. 240/100gms
Parma Ham Rs. 300/100gms


Made to Order

Require 24-hour advance order

Canapes: Veg & Non-Veg
(Kindly call us for Canapes selection)
Rs. 400/dozen
Petit Fours
(Chioce of Lemon Tart, Profit Roll,
Opera Cake, Honey Walnut Tart or Raspbery Saverin)
Rs. 460/dozen
Sponge Cakes
(Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate,
Seasonal Fruit)
Rs. 480/kg
Specialty Cakes
(Choice of Tiramisu,
Lemon Cheesecake, Opera Cake)
Rs. 900/kg
Assorted 1/2kg or 1kg Fruit Pies & Tarts Prices vary


Imported Items

Polenta Rs. 175/-
White Cooking Chocolate Rs. 1,250/2.5 kg
Dark Cooking Chocolate Rs. 175/500gms
Whole Wheat Penne Pasta Rs. 125/packet
Peppercorn Rs. 120/jar
Green Pepper Rs. 120/jar
Capers Rs. 100/jar
Carnaroli (Risotto) Rs. 350/box
Balsamic Rs. 175/bottle
Olive Pomace Oil Rs. 300/bottle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rs. 725/bottle
Black Olives Rs. 140/jar
Green Olives Rs. 140/ jar
Aceto Di Vino (Red Wine Vinegar) Rs. 200/bottle
White Wine Vinegar Rs. 200/bottle
Dijon Mustard Rs. 150/jar
Pommery Mustard Rs. 1,250/jar
German Sausage Rs. 225/packet
Spanish Ham Rs. 350/packet
Worcestershire Sauce Rs.125/bottle
BBQ Sauce Rs.210/bottle




Additional Toscano Deli Items

Available only from Wednesday to Sunday

Rosemary grilled Vegetables Rs. 45/100gms
Gratin Potato Rs. 30/ 100gms
Roasted Potatoes Rs. 30/100gms
BBQ marinated Chicken (Raw) Rs. 40/ 100gms
Pesto marinated Chicken (Raw) Rs. 40/ 100gms
Marinated Beef Tenderloin (Raw) Rs. 550/kg
Marinated Lamb Chops (raw) Rs. 695/kg
Pomodoro Sauce Rs. 100/100gms
Bolognese Sauce Rs. 140/100gms


  • Toscano - U.B.City, The Collection - U.B. City, Level II, Concord Block, 24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore Ph: +91-80-4173 8800
  • Toscano - Whitefield , Forum Value Mall 2nd Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore Ph: +91-80-2593 9224
  • Toscano - Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway,
    26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road Malleshwaram West, Bangalore - 560055 Ph:+91-80-2268 2055
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